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brother to the great Irish Patriot, Robert Emmet

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The EmmetArt.com website is a group effort by all participating members of the Emmet family. It was originally published by Philip H. Williams on July 11, 2006 and continues to grow and expand as new members are discovered and added to the family tree.

If you know of or are a family member, descended from the generation of Thomas Addis Emmet and his brother, the great Irish patriot Robert Emmet, please contact with your information. If you are an artist, either professional or otherwise, and have a website, that information would add substantially to the site. However, if you are an artist it is not necessary to have a website of your own. Photographs or slides can also be easily added to the EmmetArt site.

There have also been many prominent Emmet family members in literature, the sciences, medicine, law and other professions. Whereas EmmetArt.com is devoted to the visual arts, using the family tree as a structure on which to hyper-link to selected artworks, there are also linked notes in red with information about those family members who have been or are notably prominent in other professions.