The Emmet Family: Visual Art
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On the family tree below, links to family members' artworks are in dark blue. If you are a family member involved in the visual arts and have a website, please contact with your information. However, having a website is not necessary. If you simply have slides or photos of your artworks, they can be added to the site as well.

Links to Emmet family members' artworks are in dark blue.
Links to Emmet family member spouses' artworks are in light blue.
Links to notes of interest are in red.
Links to tree branches are in green.

  *>-Thomas Addis Emmet b.1764 (From Ireland, arrived in NYC, Nov 11, 1804.) note
|  *>Robert Emmet b.1778 (executed publicly in Dublin, September 20, 1803)
|  |
|  =====[Robert Emmet b.1778 had no children]=====
=====[children of Thomas Addis Emmet b.1764]=====
  *>Robert Emmet b.1792
    *>Margaret Emmet b.1793
    | *>Elizabeth Emmet b.1794
    |   *>John Patten Emmet b.1796
    |     *>Thomas Addis Emmet b.1797
    |       *>Christopher Temple Emmet b.1798
    |         *>Jane Erin Emmet (McEvers) b.1802
    |           *>Catherine Emmet b.1804
    |             *>Mary Ann Emmet b.1805
    |               *>William Coleville Emmet b.1807
=====[children of Margaret Emmet b.1793]=====