EmmetArt.com Descendants from Thomas Addis Emmet,
brother to the great Irish Patriot, Robert Emmet

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EmmetArt.com displays artwork by members of the Emmet family. The site is structured on an Emmet family tree. On the tree there are links to websites and pages containing artworks created by members of the Emmet family. To view the tree, click on the "Emmet Family Tree" link on the menu at screen left.

The first version of the EmmetArt website was published on July 11, 2006. The content is very sparse and the family tree certainly needs a great many additions and links to family artwork, past and present. Spread the word to family members!

If you are a family member involved in the visual arts and have a website showing your artwork, please contact with your information. However, having a website is not necessary. If you simply have slides or photos of your artworks, they can be added to the site as well.

Jane Erin Emmet and Wilfred De Glehn
at the Fountain, Villa Torlonia, Frascati
painted by John Singer Sargent